The basic idea of Dukley Gardens lies in creating a modern, comfortable residential complex, which harmoniously maximum benefit from the surrounding natural conditions: active relief, the presence of plants, directly on the coast, indescribably beautiful panorama. The architecture of the city-club contains characteristics of minimalism and modern design, but at the same time fits very well in local traditional styles.

The landscape design is special and detailed work. Planted are more than 5,000 exotic plants (palm trees and cypresses), medicinal (pine, camphor) and fruitful (citrus, pomegranates, kiwis, olives) trees. Roofs villa and terrace are a kind of real little oasis. Attention was paid to the seasonal characteristics and combinations of smells.Natural aromatherapy will help tenants to improve health status, receive positive energy and improve mood.

The favorable geographical position of Montenegro in Europe. The country's infrastructure is under active development and is ready to offer its services to the most demanding of customers. The marina is at a global level and can accommodate yachts of any class and the three international airports in a radius of 100km land direct flights from Moscow, as well as flights to almost all European capitals.


Dukley Gardens - an elite residential complex, built among the evergreen vegetation on the peninsula Zavala, it consists of 36 villas with 202 deluxe suites, and there are restaurants, boutiques, hotel, kindergarten, SPA salon, health and beauty center, swimming pool and 3 comfortable beach.

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